Scheduled Events

Find the event you're interested in, and click to register! We'll send you more information about where you join the web event, as soon as you complete your registration.
If you're looking for the templates for these sessions, visit and go to the Source Code tab. You will download a zip file with all of the templates that have been presented to date.
Date Topic Instructor Registration
Tue, Feb 26 Physics Arun Recording
Thu, Feb 28 Angry Turds (Side Scroller) Chrissy Recording
Tue, Mar 5 Grow (Sprite Collision) Jeremy Recording
Thu, Mar 7 Platformer Sam Recording
Tue, Mar 12

Clown (Simple Sprite Movement)

Jeremy Recording
Thu, Mar 14 Racecar Jeremy Recording
Tue, Mar 19 Angry Turds (Side Scroller) Chrissy Recording
Thu, Mar 21 Grow (Sprite Collision) Jeremy Recording
Tue, Mar 26 Shoot (Top Down Shooter) Jeremy Recording
Thu, Mar 28 Treasure Map Sam Recording

ZERO260 meetings henceforth will be conducted using new virtualization technology.
Note that a number of events have been cancelled due to scheduling constraints.

Tue, Apr 16 Tower Defense Jeremy Recording
Tue, Apr 30 Space Blaster Jeremy Recording
Tue, May 7 Grow Jeremy Recording
Thu, May 9 Rotary platform Arun Recording
Tue, May 14 Talk to the Cloud Matt Recording
Thu, May 23 Vertical Scrolling Shooter Arun Recording
Tue, May 28 Adding Ads Jeremy Event Page

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